Walk in chambers

Our climate cells are built in the unit assembly system. This allows adaptation to the specific conditions of the effective test room size and shape.

Main contruction groups

  • Test room
  • Aggregates
  • Switchboard with operation

These components can be arranged as desired.

The insulating elements in use are distinguished by their excellent ability for thermal insulation. The insulating board is made of CFC-free polyurethane foam, or rather an asbestos free multi-layer insulation, in accordance with good environmental standards.

The effective test room lighting enables optimal illumination of the effective test room. The test cell door is equipped with an emergency unlatching facility.

A large size lamination heat exchanger is located in the air duct of the test room, for heat transmission of “heating/cooling” as well as for heat transmission “drying”. The arrangement of the fan and fan ducting installation are specific to your requests, and as such allow an optimal and even distribution of temperature and humidity. The company guarantees this by exact sensor measurements of the effective test room and a precise calibration of the fan ducting installation. Condensed water from inside the cell is collected in a condensate pan, and is drained off externally.


  • Implementations
  • IR, UV and sunlight simulation
  • Door windows, test cell windows
  • Door frames and viewing window heater
  • Raised floor stress
  • Sub-cooling of the test cell
  • Two wing doors
  • Sliding doors

Technical Data

  • Temperature range: -70 … 180 °C Humidity range: 10 … 98 % rel. Humidity
  • Temperature stability: ± (0.3 …1) K Humidity stability: ±(3 … 5)% rel. Humidity

The test cell is cooled directly for quick changes in the temperature range, and indirectly for high precision in the climate range. The air or water-cooling of the refrigeration machine occurs upon request and according to test cell stress. The used refrigerant corresponds to the newest conditions and is CFC-free.


  • Airbag-Test chambers
  • Drive-In chambers
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